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Attorney Steven Bialick with Client


If someone calls our office, they first speak with a legal assistant. We get some information about the injuries that were sustained and the accident that caused the injuries. If the caller wants to proceed further, and if we feel we can be of some assistance, a meeting is scheduled with attorney Steven Bialick. There is no cost or obligation for the initial call or meeting.

At the first attorney meeting, we get additional information, and Mr. Bialick will discuss legal issues, rights, and procedures, and answer questions.

If the prospective client wants to hire our office, and if the case is one we are interested in taking, a written retainer agreement is entered into.

Most cases are settled through negotiations, without ever going to court. However, some cases can only be resolved by commencing a lawsuit and going to court. Sometimes "alternative dispute resolution" procedures, such as mediation or arbitration, are used to resolve a case.